Natural Stone Paving – Choose the Correct Paver

How do I know which type of paver to use for my application?

When to choose Natural Stone Paving

Natural Stone Paving refers to paving and stone that is from Nature.

The majority of it is imported into New Zealand from countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, India and China.

There is more and more of it coming to New Zealand and some of it varies in colour, quality and texture. Many are Sandstone and quite porous, but definitely available in some striking colours and finishes.

The Paving Slab Company has a direct connection with a supply of Chinese Bluestone. It is a hand cut product, sourced from a variety of quarries in mainland China. It comes to us through an agent and each product is checked for quality before leaving China. This ensures consistent quality control and reduces wastage for the end user.
Contact the Paving Slab Company for details about the availability of the Chinese Bluestone and the range of New Zealand manufactured pavers currently in stock.

Sealing of the Sandstone paving is definitely recommended due to the porosity of the Sandstone which makes it susceptible to staining and deterioration in the harsh New Zealand sun.

The Chinese Bluestone is a particularly hard stone and really lends itself to the Penetrating sealer if required.

For more information please contact The Paving Slab Co and we will be pleased to help with any questions you have.