what size paving

What size paving should I use?

Why you should think about what size Paving to be used around your home.

There are a number of things that should be taken into account when choosing the size and spacing of paving around your home.

  • Will you be using them in a situation which creates indoor-outdoor flow?
  • Will the area be used with outdoor furniture?
  • Is the area leading towards a pool or separate area away from the living area?
  • Is the area sheltered or undercover and protected from the majority of the weather?
  • Are they required to be nonslip?
  • What colour is going to suit the environment and existing colour scheme?

When choosing paving for close to the house it looks best when it can match or as close as possible to indoor tiles so that where they meet does not create a visual barrier or obvious change in surface.
If you will be placing outdoor furniture on the paving look for larger size paving. This reduces the joins which will tend to catch chair legs and increase the instability of tables and chairs. There is nothing worse than placing a glass on a table and losing the contents to a wobbly table.

If you are creating a path to the pool or pool area, consider nonslip Softex paving. This is nonslip but not rough on your feet, created by using a mould that imprints a nonslip finish into the surface of the paver. Great when the kids are running to and from the house to the pool. These are increasingly popular for older people, allowing them to confidently step without being concerned with losing their footing.

If you are looking to lift a covered area that can sometimes be shaded or is permanently covered, try using lighter colours. You don’t need to use just plain concrete grey paving. These days there is an unending selection of colours and shades available that will enhance your patio or outdoor seating area.

Please contact Cathy at the Paving Slab Company for details about pricing, size, options and lead time for production for your paving.