Bowers Dry Cast Concrete Paving

Bowers Concrete pavers are produced by the largest manufacturer in the Waikato.

Bowers Concrete makes a range of dry cast paving stones. With a little imagination using a combination of colours and sizes, paved areas can become a tasteful and functional solution.

These all come in a variety of modern, traditional and innovative colours.

Full details are in the downloadable brochure.

Our Staff can help with choosing the most suitable paving for your project and can give you the information to get started

The Bowers Dry Cast Concrete Paving Colours


200x100x50 – London Paver – suitable for driveways
230x190x50 – Regent Paver – suitable for driveways
450x450x50 – Flagstone
450x225x50 – Junior – made to order

bowers paving laying patterns

  • Other paver types may be available as a “Made to Order’ product.
  • A range of colours are available as a ‘Made to Order’ product.
  • Colour and texture may vary between paver types and batches. To ensure a uniform finish we recommend that you lay from the same batch and blend off multiple pallets if the job is greater than one pallet.
  • Concrete products may display ‘efflorescence’ (whitening) which is a natural occurrence. All possible steps to minimise this from occurring have been taken in Bowers’ products.
  • To enhance the life and durability of your paving, we recommend the sealing of your pavers.
  • Colours may alter.