Paving the Way - August 2017

August 2017

The start of August this year will hopefully signal the end of a wet winter season. Fingers crossed that we can dry off a little and get back into work without needing a snorkel.

Here at the Paving Slab Co., while it has been raining, have taken the opportunity to have a big tidy up and get the place ready for Spring, which is just around the corner.

We have also taken the time to swap out our older mixer for a better mixer, albeit still an old one, but the difference is noticeable in the end result.

Because it is a stronger mixer and works in a slightly different fashion our wet paving mixture needs less water, which is great because less water means a stronger and even more uniform paver and as a result the paver surface is cleaner than ever.

Ask to see some of the new Pavers so that you can confidently recommend them to your Customers.

Special projects

At the Paving Slab Co we love the Challenge of producing bespoke paving products and right at the moment we are working on a really exciting project.

Imagine this. Pavers the size of a large Dinner Table?

Up to two metres in width and length, these slabs are going to span from the top of a retaining wall across to the top edge of a swimming pool. There are seven in the design and each one weighs around 900kg!

End of Line Sale, 40% off retail

There are a number of sizes of paving that are available at a reduced price.

These are available purely as the overruns from our production schedule. A variety of colours and First in First served to have your pick.

Call in to 10 Neilpark Drive to view the stock on sale