Pavers vs Concrete

8 Reasons Pavers are the Superior Surface Treatment

There are many reasons why concrete pavers should be your first choice when it comes to surface finishes in the home garden! Here are just 8 reasons to choose pavers for your next hard surface.

1. DIY Friendly

Unlike other finishes such as solid concrete and exposed aggregate, paving is a job you can easily tackle yourself with the right tools and know how. Check out our easy to follow guides taking you step by step through the paver laying process.

2. Extensive Range

Paving patterns, colours, finishes and styles are endless in possibility. Whether you’re looking for modern industrial tones or more traditional hues you’ll be sure to find the perfect fit for your design. Pavers come in a range of sizes from 100x200mm right up to 800x800mm, yes that big!

There are many textures in wet and dry cast concrete, with hundreds of colour options. All the choices make for unlimited opportunities!

3. Pavers are Repairable

You’d be hard pressed to walk around any neighbourhood and find a crack free piece of concrete. Much of our fair city has been built on or around reactive clay soils which means one thing… ground movement. Couple that with large landscaping trees bordering properties and driveways with invasive roots, high seasonal rain fall and long summer periods of drought, it’s inevitable your freshly laid concrete will crack in no time!

Pavers are much more forgiving with ground movement; small changes that would typically crack a concrete slab go unnoticed in a paved area. But fortunately any issues that do arise can be spot repaired in a flash, by pulling up a few of the offending pavers, adding a bit more bedding material and re-installing.

pavers vs concrete - repairable

4. Replaceable

Drop a glass of wine on your new pavers or have staining from a greasy BBQ? No worries… simply swap them out for new ones! We always recommend you keep a couple of spares in the shed, keep them protected and swap them in when required. Job done!

pavers vs concrete - replaceable

5. Durable

When laid in the correct manner as recommended by the manufacturer and kept clean and tidy in line with the rest of your home, your paved area will look great. In fact, with about an hour of maintenance every 3-5 years your pavers should stay in top condition for years to come.

6. Free Draining

When laid to the Paving slab Co Standards which recommends a solid base of Road Base and a bedding layer of River Sand, for Dry Cast and laid on a bed of Mortar for Wet-Cast Pavers, pavers remain a permeable layer which will allow water and moisture to freely flow over the surface and drain through when needed.

Take a little extra time to get your falls right and your paved area can help deal with ground water around your home.

7. Cost Effective

At The Paving Slab Co and NZ Landscape Supplies we have the right paver to suit every style and budget, from under the wheelie bin to a grand front entrance. When compared to the cost of installing the alternatives like concrete, pavers will always come in on top!

Just remember, the preparation for each options is 75% the same. The area will need to be excavated, cleared or levelled and filled with a bedding material. The choice is then whether to proceed with Pavers of concrete. I know which I would choose.

8. Updatable

Have you ever tried removing a concrete slab? Did you use a sledge hammer, demolition saw, jack hammer or some other punishing hand tool? Larger areas will need to be removed with excavators and bobcats. Crazy! When the time does finally come and you decide and update is in order, it can be as simple as re-stacking your pavers back onto a pallet. You could even sell your pavers second hand to recoup some costs to reinvest into your next design! In most cases, the original base and bedding layer can be re-used with minimal work.

Well there you have it, 8 great reasons you should use pavers over concrete in your next garden renovation!