Exposed Aggregate Pavers

These pavers are made to match landscaped areas or to provide contrast to extensive concreted areas.

Using a variety of pebbles and chip we can provide a product that will give a unique look to your property and create the point of difference that everyone wants around their property
Ask about our full range of sizes and textures that may be just what you are looking for.

Wymac: grey pebble, red pebble, white pebble, shell
McWhite: red stone, white pebble
Twilight: black stone only
McCallum: red stone only
Hawkes Bay Grey: grey pebble

Please contact us for other combinations.

600×600 – square – 2.70 pavers per square metre
600×600 – round
600×300 – rectangle only – 5.40 pavers per square metre
450×450 – square – 4.80 pavers per square metre
450×450 – round
400×400 – square only – 6.30 pavers per square metre
300×300 – square – 10.8 pavers per square metre
300×300 – round