About Us – Paving Slab Co. 2015

John and Lyndle Lister have been in business for over 30 years and have always made it a priority to stand by their brands and back them up with their motto “treating people as we would wish to be treated, with honesty, reliability and service”.
This has served them well in the past and will again as they embark on their new business,

The Paving Slab Co. (2015) Ltd

Having been involved in the landscape supply business for the past 15 years under the well known brand of New Zealand Landscape and Garden Supplies, the opportunity arose to take over The Paving Slab Co. as a going concern in August 2015.

The business has been operating since the early 1990s and John and Lyndle are the 4th owners during this time.

Taking on the new business is a little different from their previous and current enterprises as they have all been retail based, and this business is a mix of manufacturing and retail with some wholesale thrown in just to make it a little more interesting.

One of the key factors for them has been keeping the Production Manager, Bryan Trusler, on board as the co-ordinator of a great team of employees. Bryan’s technical know how is an important part of this business, and he will continue to ensure that all product produced remains at the consistently high standard customers have come to expect.

Cathy Brooks is the Sales and Office Manager and it is her job, together with Bryan, to make sure that all sales are completed within the stipulated time frame and delivered on time and in spec.

We pride ourselves on our ability to create a colour or texture to meet our customer’s requirements. We make more than just pavers. We also produce a range of one off ‘made to order’ products, drainage products, building and masonry products, and specialty ground and exposed aggregate products.

Please take a good look through our website and contact us with any of your questions. We will endeavour to meet your needs and as we always say,

“We will treat you as we expect to be treated”.

John and Lyndle Lister

The Paving Slab Company – “Paving the Way


Hi Cathy and team

I visited you a couple of weeks back to try and pick up some 600 by 600 pavers to finish off a small paving job outside my new sleep-out at home.

I wanted to email to thank you and the team for great service, advice and setting me up with very good prices.

I am very pleased with how the paving turned out and I will recommend you as an excellent option for all paving requirements going forward.

Thanks and Regards

Adam Kent

Thank you for the great service and very helpful assistance. As mentioned we have been trying all over Auckland and almost gave up hope of getting what we wanted, that was until we visited you guys.

Thanks again and particularly Cathy.

Terry Haydon

Steve Devcich

33 Sudeley Street,


Auckland, 1071

To: The Paving Slab Company, Neil Park Drive East Tamaki Auckland,

Hi Guys,

We have just finished the Paving around our pool, with the Concrete Pavers you supplied in a Terracotta colour.

In one simple word it looks “Amazing” and I’m sure it has added value to our home.

I spoke to one of your sales people Brian, around 2 months ago and found him to very knowledgeable about the product and its application. I went into the yard with a few preconceived ideas (from other suppliers) about what we needed, most were wrong and had we gone ahead with another supplier we would not have the finished look we have now.

Brian guided us through the process, of choosing the right colour, the right paver, the right size, and best of all he recommended a quality tradesman to lay the Pavers. We thought we wanted 600mm Pavers, Brian gently explained that we would be better off with 500mm Pavers because it would save us money when it came to get them laid as the tradesman would have to cut each Paver twice because most saws would only cut 500mm in one stroke.

The product was delivered on time and great care was taken with the product and our property. The Pavers were dropped off in two loads a week apart because we didn’t have the room to stack them all in at once. When Brian dropped off the second load of Pavers he spent a little bit of time looking at the project, and even took away a few Pavers that sneaked through the quality control. “You’re not laying these Pavers; they are not good enough for this job”.

While Brian was here delivering the second load he suggested we Seal the Pavers with a Penetrating Sealer, something I didn’t think about, and nobody else mentioned. We now have had the Pavers Acid washed and Sealed. It changed the whole look of the area, deepened the colour, and made the colour more consistent throughout. It all looks so good I was tempted to go for a swim.

I would highly recommend The Paving Slab Company, for their expertise, their knowledge, their delivery on time, and most of all their courteous customer care.

Kind Regards

Steve Devcich 

What We Do

  • Origin Paving

    Origin Paving is our go to range.

    Whether you need a whole backyard or a couple to go under your wheelie bin, they are a cost effective and convenient paver to enhance your outdoor living space or provide access all around your property.

  • Pool Paving

    Swimming pools always look their best with professionally laid concrete paving.

    Our unique Arissed, Square Edged Pool Coping is proving to be a big hit with Landscape Designers and Paving Installers.

    Bull Nose Pool Coping is a very popular product that gives the lovely smooth, soft finish to the edge of your pool.

  • Exposed Aggregate Paving

    Exposed Aggregate Pavers are made to match landscaped areas or to provide contrast to extensive concreted areas.

  • Specialty Ground or Polished Paving

    To Grind or Polish a paver is to expose the stone that the paver is made from. By removing the top layer of concrete to bring out the unique characteristics of the stone used, it brings the plain concrete paver to life.

  • Bowers Pre Cast Concrete Paving

    Outdoor living is part of the New Zealand way of life. The Bowers paving range will help you to create that outdoor dining patio area, an expansive area for the kids to play or a space to park the boat.

  • Made to Order Products

    Some of the items we have produced in the past include kitchen benches, vanity benches, polished bathroom basins, fire place hearths, outdoor furniture, and garden decorations.

    Our Team has made a number of different shaped tables for outdoor use. These tables are heavy duty, one off creations. If you want inlays, or special stones we can produce that ideal product for any occasion. Just beware concrete is heavy. We can make it, can you move it?

    We have a number of moulds to create water features, so talk to us about that special feature and how we can help create a centre piece for your property or how you can incorporate a fabulous piece of water art in your garden.

  • Garden Products

    We are able to offer a variety of sizes for Tree Rings. These are available in small, medium, large and extra large, as complete rings or as a pair of half rings – these are to go around established trees.

    We also produce Mowing Strips as flat units of concrete 600mm long and 100 mm wide to give the nice straight edge to your garden. These are available in any colour to suit your garden design and can be sealed to keep them looking good for years to come.

    How about L Shaped Garden Edges? These are a great way to keep the Mulch on your Garden bed and give a perfect straight line to the end of the garden where you can then use our 45 or 90 degree internal or external corners to lead you all the way around your property.

  • Industrial Products

    We make industrial products to suit our client’s requirements be they Drainage Products or Council Products.

    Some of our Drainage products include Cess Pits, Gully Surrounds and Backing Blocks for roadside drains.

    Council products range from the Marker posts showing Hydrants or Underground services to Wheelstops for car parks and also the Runoff Dividers for roadside Rain Gardens. We even make Ash Boxes for the Memorial Gardens.