Home handyman guide to laying stepping stones

Laying Stepping StonesThis guide has been written and compiled for the home handyman. Following these instructions will help you achieve an excellent result that you will be proud of when laying stepping stones. However, for a truly professional finish, we suggest you contract a professional landscaper or paving contractor to do the job for you. Read more

Paving the Way – August 2016

Paving the Way - August 2016

Winter is on the run and we have a couple of really exciting projects about to get underway next week.

A polished coffee table for a lady that is being made to her choice of colour and size but the big one is a bench top 3.5metres long and 150mm thick. Read more

Pavers vs Concrete

8 Reasons Pavers are the Superior Surface Treatment

There are many reasons why concrete pavers should be your first choice when it comes to surface finishes in the home garden! Here are just 8 reasons to choose pavers for your next hard surface. Read more

what size paving

What size paving should I use?

Why you should think about what size Paving to be used around your home.

There are a number of things that should be taken into account when choosing the size and spacing of paving around your home. Read more

Natural Stone Paving – Choose the Correct Paver

How do I know which type of paver to use for my application?

When to choose Natural Stone Paving

Natural Stone Paving refers to paving and stone that is from Nature.

The majority of it is imported into New Zealand from countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, India and China. Read more

Dry Cast Paving – Choose the Correct Paver

How do I know which type of paver to use for my application?

When to choose Dry Cast Paving

Dry cast paving is made by compressing a dry mix of cement, colour and aggregate with a small amount of moisture. This is done using hydraulic pressure and moulds which produce high volume production of identical paving slabs.
Seen in carparks and public spaces, they are ideal for areas which require a uniform finish and colour consistency. Read more

Choose the Correct Paver – Wet Cast Paving

How do I know which type of paver to use for my application?

Wet Cast Paving

Wet cast paving is produced literally from a wet concrete mix. Colour may be added or pebbles, glass, shell or coloured stone chip. These pavers are made by hand and dried over a period of up to 28 days. This ensures the concrete has cured and has reached its maximum strength or MPA rating usually around MPA-40. Read more

Paving the Way – April 2016

Paving the Way

Another month has gone by and things are really humming along.

In the past few weeks we have produced a heap of pavers and some great one off products. Our sister company NZ Landscape Supplies has increased the range of pavers that they carry. Read more

Paving the Way – March 2016

Paving the Way

Welcome to the first newsletter from The Paving Slab Co 2015 Ltd.

We hope to bring you an informative and newsy message every couple of months, or more often if warranted, relating to our industry, paving and concrete products, and associated industries. Read more