Paving the Way – March 2016

Paving the Way

Welcome to the first newsletter from The Paving Slab Co 2015 Ltd.

We hope to bring you an informative and newsy message every couple of months, or more often if warranted, relating to our industry, paving and concrete products, and associated industries.

Some of you may already receive “The Dirt” Newsletter from NZ Landscape Supplies and there may be occasional crossover when it comes to the news delivered, however, it will all be relevant so don’t be offended and if you don’t want to see either newsletter please let us know and we will unsubscribe you.

Firstly a little background

John and Lyndle Lister bought the company in August 2015 from Wayne Edwards. Wayne, having owned it for around 10 years, decided it was time to move on so after chasing us to buy it for many years the time was right for things to happen. Since August we have done some housekeeping and reorganising of a few things to make life a little easier and to help things run smoothly.

Key staff members have been retained within the business: the same production crew including Bryan Trusler, the Design and Production Manager, with the addition of Cathy Brooks, Sales and Admin and, most recently, Wayne Thomas to help oversee production and quality control.

Production has been increased to improve stockholding of our standard product range which enables us to fill orders more quickly and allows production of made to order product to begin more quickly and be ready within shorter timeframes than may have been possible in the past.

Good paving takes time so if you are looking for special orders or you want to discuss a particular project please contact either Bryan or Cathy directly to discuss your requirements.

Do you have pictures of jobs that you are particularly proud of?

We would really love to see pictures of the projects that you are most proud of. How about sending us some images that you would be happy to put on our website?

Image supplied by Quality Paving
Paving the Way

We will attribute images to you and pass on your information to prospective clients. This way we can help spread the word about our great paving layers and the work they do, along with examples.

Industrial products

Plumbers and drainlayers take note!

The Paving Slab Co is not just about paving.

Industrial Products
Council Products
Drainage Products

We have a range of products that could suit any number of your projects: cess pits large and small, together with risers, gully surrounds and other products that may help with your projects.

Garden edging and tree surrounds

Landscapers or the home gardener, have a look at the range of garden edging that we have available ex-stock.

Click to view the garden products available in stock right now

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