Dry Cast Paving – Choose the Correct Paver

How do I know which type of paver to use for my application?

When to choose Dry Cast Paving

Dry cast paving is made by compressing a dry mix of cement, colour and aggregate with a small amount of moisture. This is done using hydraulic pressure and moulds which produce high volume production of identical paving slabs.
Seen in carparks and public spaces, they are ideal for areas which require a uniform finish and colour consistency.

Dry Cast paving from the Paving Slab Co is produced by one of our partner companies. We have a strong relationship with them which ensures a full technical support service and quality guarantee.

Dry Cast paving comes in five standard colours and two made to order colours. It is produced in four standard sizes. London pavers, Regent pavers, Junior Flagstone and Flagstone.

The Flagstone and Junior Flagstone are suitable for Patio areas or large expanses that require long runs of paving over large areas, and that do not have vehicles travelling over them. The Junior Flagstones can also be laid in patterns that provide interest and variety to what otherwise could be large, uninteresting areas of paving. A Junior Flagstone is exactly half the size of a Flagstone so they can also be used when cuts are required to lessen the number of cuts, making them more cost efficient to lay.

Regent, or Walkway pavers as they are sometimes referred to, and London, or Holland Pavers, are suited to areas that carry vehicular traffic or large volumes of pedestrian movements. Being smaller in size they are more forgiving in their appearance which allows for them to be used in busy patterns or around obstacles which may cause many cuts to be made if using larger pavers.

Using a sealer on these pavers can really improve the finished look. By using a natural sealer you will protect them from staining and help to reduce the effect of efflorescence, a naturally occurring chemical reaction with concrete products. A penetrating sealer looks particularly good when used on this type of paving because you gain the “wet look” and colour enhancement of the sealer without making the paver slippery, due to the coarser finish of the Dry-Cast paver.

Contact The Paving Slab Co., or our sister company NZ Landscape Supplies for more information regarding this type of paving and advice regarding the laying of it.

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