Choose the Correct Paver – Wet Cast Paving

How do I know which type of paver to use for my application?

Wet Cast Paving

Wet cast paving is produced literally from a wet concrete mix. Colour may be added or pebbles, glass, shell or coloured stone chip. These pavers are made by hand and dried over a period of up to 28 days. This ensures the concrete has cured and has reached its maximum strength or MPA rating usually around MPA-40.

Wet cast paving needs to be understood for its unique characteristics. Concrete is a manufactured product that tends to behave like a natural product. This is a good thing because no two paving jobs will ever look the same which makes for a unique finish and a one of a kind result. Concrete reacts to natural elements such as dry, wet and heat. These all affect the curing process and the end result of the look of the pavers.

This type of paving lends itself to patio and pool areas that are used for outdoor entertaining, and may often lead directly from the kitchen or dining area of the house to the outside. Using this type of paver can complement the interior floor surface by being able to match colours to internal floors, be they carpet or tiles.

When using Paving Slab Co. wet cast pavers, we recommend sealing them with either Natural Sealer or Penetrating Sealer.

Natural Sealer will leave the tile looking just as it is and allows the tile to take on a natural patina but protecting the tile from dirt and staining. We recommend cleaning and resealing them annually to keep the pavers in premium condition.

Penetrating Sealer will provide a wet look finish to the paver which will enhance the colour of the paver, however, the wet look finish can sometimes make the paver slippery (depending on the surface finish).

Wet cast PavingPenetrating Sealer is ideally suited to exposed or honed (ground) paving because it brings up the colour and texture of the pavers, highlighting the special characteristics of the pebbles used.

Please contact us to discuss how Wet Cast paving can suit your outdoor areas.

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