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Dry Cast Paving – Choose the Correct Paver

How do I know which type of paver to use for my application? When to choose Dry Cast Paving Dry cast paving is made by compressing a dry mix of cement, colour and aggregate with a small amount of moisture. This is done using hydraulic pressure and moulds which produce high volume production of identical […]

Choose the Correct Paver – Wet Cast Paving

How do I know which type of paver to use for my application? Wet Cast Paving Wet cast paving is produced literally from a wet concrete mix. Colour may be added or pebbles, glass, shell or coloured stone chip. These pavers are made by hand and dried over a period of up to 28 days. […]

Paving the Way – April 2016

Another month has gone by and things are really humming along. In the past few weeks we have produced a heap of pavers and some great one off products. Our sister company NZ Landscape Supplies has increased the range of pavers that they carry.

Paving the Way – March 2016

Welcome to the first newsletter from The Paving Slab Co 2015 Ltd. We hope to bring you an informative and newsy message every couple of months, or more often if warranted, relating to our industry, paving and concrete products, and associated industries.

NZLS Takes over The Paving Slab Company

New Zealand Landscape and Garden Supplies are excited to announce the new arrival of The Paving Slab Company 2015 Ltd to their family. For our NZLS customers this means not only can we offer you a top quality paver but also: Drainage Products – like Gully Traps and Cesspits Specialised ‘made to order’ products – contact The […]